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What do you use to seal the paint?


I use Americana Soft Touch Varnish.


If you are using GHSP, some use Matte Sealer, some use Satin Sealer, and some use a mix of the two. Some add some thinner to it. Like @jeanhai does, some use the Soft Touch.


I use paintings, genesis


and to use the matte someone who tells me step by step I would appreciate it very much


Me too.


do you also use mate?


The first doll I made I used matte mixed with thinning medium. You also add a small amount of flesh color and blush color. The second time I did matte mixed with satin and again added some flesh and blush color. I liked the feel of the second doll better. If you go to youtube and type in reborn with me. They give a tutorial for the whole reborning process and there is a section for sealing the doll. It will show you the color the mixture should be.


Using tutorials can help a lot as mentioned above.

The difference between using Matte, Satin or a mix of both:
Matte gives a more textured feel but it provides a shine free finished if properly pounced and baked.
Satin gives a silkier feel but it is a satin finish which shines more.
Mixing the two together half and half (or different ratios) provides a smoother finish than matte on its own but with a less shiny finish than Satin.

Whatever one you choose, you can add a little color to it if you want but you don’t have to. It depends on the effect you are going for: flesh to blend your tones, burnt umber to warm it up, etc.

To apply:

  1. I use either a larger flat brush or a mop and apply a coat evenly over the piece.
  2. Do not leave excess product in the creases.
  3. Once it is covered, pounce well all over with a makeup wedge leaving no lines. You will notice a β€œskin” texture form. This is what you want.
  4. If too much product accumulates on your sponge, you can dab your sponge on a paper towel to remove the excess from time to time.
  5. Once done pouncing, let the piece sit a bit until the wet look is gone.
  6. Bake for 9 to 10 minutes.
  7. Cool fully.
  8. Turn pieces over. Bake again.
  9. If desired, apply a second coat of sealer and repeat steps. Second coat assures you have covered all areas.
  10. You can bake 3 times after the second coat. Sealer that is not baked fully may appear white or flaky, or cracking.

Good luck!