Help with vinyl flaw


My reborn head has a “tab” of vinyl sticking out of the forehead. You couldn’t see it without paint. Now it looks like a tiny skin tag. Anyone know how to fix? Can you sand vinyl?


Welcome @Learningcurve Sorry I can’t help you but someone will be along with that info I am sure.


I would not do anything of the sort. Did you buy it new from reborn supplies? Contact them, send them pic and ask for replacement. If you bought it from other reborner on eBay, unless the problem was stated in the listing, ask for refund.

What was the kit? Can you post a picture?


Thanks! That’s what I did. It was a kit from this site actually. They offered me a replacement head already. I just wondered if it was a common thing or if anything could be done to correct it. They suggested that I ask on this forum.


A picture may help someone to remember having anything similar and what they did…

I know occasionally I get little flaps on the eyes or flanges that I remove but never on the outside of the vinyl where we paint…


You can sand vinyl. It wouldn’t take much to get that off.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Can it be pulled off with tweezers?


I tried that already. It didn’t touch it. Like a rubber band. Then I worried if it would make a hole. I wondered if sanding would work or if that makes texture etc. Now that I’m getting a new head, I’ll try sanding and let you know. :slight_smile:


Remove with nail clippers ?


I am quite sure that sanding it will still leave spot that will take paint differently to its surrounding. Just use the head as a test part.


If you sand it with superfine sandpaper and seal it, it will take paint the same as the rest of the kit. That’s a tiny flaw. I personally wouldn’t banish it to test parts.


Thank you so much! This has been my first question and everyone is so helpful :slight_smile:


I turn these into little birthmarks if I don’t find them until I start painting


That’s neat. I thought about that possibility yesterday.