Help with shopping on ETSY - solved; yes you can see the description :)

I need somebody who knows all about shopping on ETSY to advise me. I have in the past bought stuff and never bothered to go back to the listing, but recently I bought several one off items, and just wanted to check the description, but when I click on the link in my purchases, it only shows the title with message “this item is sold now”. How on earth can you then claim the item is not as described without first re-reading the description and making sure it really said what I thought it did?
i tried to go to the ETSY forum, got logged in but could not see how to post there.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

It’s happened to me before too and it’s because the item stock is 0. The only way to have the description unfortunately is to contact the seller, but I know it’s may not be the best idea in a case as “not as described”.
It may exist an other way but I am not aware of.

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I think the way to go is to screen shot everything before buying. :frowning:
I was hoping there is some way for buyers to access the info of their purchased items; eBay has it, you can see the details for about 3 months.
Oh well, I think I will lay off ETSY. I just received some wool in color called “red hot metal” which supposed to look like this:

and is even darker/duller than this photo taken with flash shows:

Its a beautiful color, but I wanted it to brighten up a shawl I am going to knit when the main color arrives, and this is not going to brighten anything :frowning:

.And the purple was supposed to be very deep purple, this is more burgundy

At $40 a skein, I am not impressed

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The red hot metal that you received definitely isn’t the same color as the one advertised. Can’t you just return them, get a refund and buy what you’re looking for elsewhere? has all kinds and colors of beautiful yarns.

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Thanks for sharing that link. @jeanhai

Yes, knitpicks have good stuff; I have bought from them. But this is for a shawl, and it needs very fine yarn (lace of fingering), and I spent weeks looking for the right shades. Then I bought some linen on ETSY, which supposed to be “lavender” color, but is more muddy grey than anything else. Looks like my whole wardrobe is going to be something totally different than I planned. LOL It is not that I do not like these colors, they just do not go together the way I wanted. :frowning:

Anyway, I found a way to contact ETSY and asked them how do I have a look at the purchase description. It will be interesting…

I finally got an answer from ETSY, and yes you can see what you bought:
You can find orders you purchased with your Etsy account on your Purchases page:

  1. On or the Etsy app, click You .
  2. Click Purchases and reviews .
  3. Click on “View receipt” button on the right
  4. THEN click on the link next to the picture and it will go to the original listing

Thank you ! That will be useful !

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