Help with scratch

Hi everyone. I shipped this baby to her home a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday I was contacted my her new mommy. She was very upset that somehow she had got the baby’s forehead scratched and wanted to know if I could fix it.

I don’t consider myself a restoration artist at all, and I’m afraid to agree to attempt to repair it, especially with it being on the forehead.

Any suggestions on what it might take to repair it? :frowning:

I’m not a professional or anything but I had a doll that had a scratch and I just took some 1000 grit sandpaper and very gently sanded it and just repainted and varnish. You could even tell it was there. Maybe u could just repaint and revarnish. Hope that helps a little.

I’d use a small piece of superfine sandpaper to gently smooth out just the scratch, trying not to sand the forehead. If you roll a tiny piece of sandpaper you should be able to sand just the scratch.Then repaint and re-varnish just that small area.

It is possible the scratch is just in the varnish. I agree take a buffing block or fine grit and sand over it lightly then revarnish.

Thats too bad, I would do as the ladies have suggested. Hope you don’t have to try and ‘repaint’ it cause that is always hard to match. Good luck.

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