Help with painting

I’m painting my first reborn with acrylics.can I just use water to thin it down.and how do I get even paint strokes.any help is appreciated.

What brand of paint are you using? You can thin acrylics with just distilled water but it helps reduce shine if you add a tiny bit of Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel to the paints. You need to pounce the paint on with cosmetic sponges. You can brush it on and then pounce, or you can apply the paint to the sponge and pounce.

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NO do not thin with just water. While you can do this and the paint may stick and seem to be ok it is at a much higher risk of fading over time if you do. In addition to using distilled water, add in a medium such as a fluid matte medium or a matte gel. This is to aid in paint adhesion, matting and reducing the pigment intensity when making washes. When using all water you will have issues with the paints beading up on the vinyl, rubbing off the more layers you apply and fading down the road. Some choices of mediums you can use can be a fluid matte medium, a matte gel, or a glazing liquid. Retarder does not contain binders so if you use it you still need to add a drop or two of some type medium in the mix.

Thanl you so much

I don’t paint with acrylics, but if you would do ‘air dry’ search you would find so many topics on it.

When you say ‘acrylics’ are they professional grade acrylics or are you using craft paint? If you are a new painter many people are reluctant to spend money on good paints but if you are using ‘craft’ type paints they won’t hold up to this hobby. Add a little Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium to your paint and you will get good adhesion. Good Luck.


Absolutely agree with @lynn. When first starting it’s easy to not want to invest a ton before you even know if 1) you enjoy it 2) you actually like doing it 3) you feel you are or could be good at it , but with that said, using cheap acylic paint (if that’s what your using) not only will not hold up in this hobby but you won’t get the same results, even for practice (trust me I know! I tried using apple barrel and folk art in the begin, did NOT work well at ALL lol) you can use professional grade acrylics because they are highly pigmented,light fast, less likely to fade/chip etc

With that said I use Waterborne Art&Magic air-dry paint made for reborning, in which I can just use distilled water to mix with my paint, but I also add Slow-Dry to give me a little extra time to work, makes for less accidents or easier fixing and ultra matte gel to give it a thicker consistency. It will all depend on what paint your using and how you work as a artist with that brand of paint