Help with orange bi racial skin tone

I am currently painting a bi racial baby with LDC paints. I have started with a pink vinyl & she looks pretty good, but she has an orange tint. I hear this is common & to use a blue wash on the inside of the head. The problem with this is a blue wash with LDC paints just beads up on the vinyl.
Does anyone who works with LDC paints have a suggestion, either another method or how to get the wash to go on smoothly. I would appreciate the help.


#254 - Lavender Acrylic Paint

Sellout Risk: MODERATE

Denise’s favorite color for painting the inside of Berenguer babies (but NOT needed on our own Bountiful Baby vinyl!). This is also an excellent color to water down and use for the outer color wash to give the baby a more pinkish baby complexion.

maybe there is a blue-I know I have seen these at wal-mart-but I am sure any hobbie supply store would have them-alittle thicker I believe for coating inside