Help with first AA baby please!


I’m working on my first biracial and AA babies, can anybody help me figure out where to shade the darker color around the limbs and head? Thanks!


Here’s a chart I found for where to shade on the head. Hope it helps :slight_smile: Note: It isn’t mine, I just found it online.


Is shading simply the application of a darker color in those areas? I have never truly understood that.


It’s darker colors but blended in really well. I use much thicker paint similar to how I do creases.


There is a wonderful tutorial available on for AA babies. A lot of those tips and tricks I have used on my Caucasian babies to add depth as well, so it’s very much worth the purchase. It is not Kim’s tutorial, but she loved it so much that she offers it in her shop. That tutorial is where that diagram is from.


hey, this is awesome! thanks for sharing!


It’s the AA tutorial in Kate Charles’ book.