Help with eyebrows and hair


Worked on Emma with darker skin tone. Do I paint eyes brows? She is only my third doll. When you root hair do how many packets of hair does it take for one doll? Thanks guys I’m a newbie and clueless lol


A 1/4-1/2 oz should do a newborn, depending on how thick you want it. You can cut the hair in half so it goes further. I paint eyebrows as opposed to prisma pencils because I use air dry paints. Natural looking rooted ones are hard to do and they don’t stay down very well (for me anyway) even when sealed.


Thank you That helps now if I can bite that bullet and try it


Your baby is beautiful!!!


Thank you


Your baby’s skin tone is really pretty, nice job.


Thank you


I can root 3 babies with 1/2 ounce of good quality hair. I usually root about the thickness of this baby.


Beautiful. Oh gosh. I’m so ready to be able to root But need to watch more videos first


One packet is generally plenty for one doll.
Most people paint or draw eyebrows. I could never get the hang of painting so I now use prisma pencils to draw them. It also takes practice but I found it easier.


Thank you. I have so much to learn.