Help with eyebrows and glue

I need some tips on how to paint eyebrows and also the best glue for eyelashes

Click on the “looking glass” at the top and type in “eyebrows” or whatever you’d like info on and you’ll bring up a lot of threads with great information.

I use E6000. For eyebrows…PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. :blush:

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I use a clear tacky glue for eyelashes and have only had one come loose where I didn’t use enough. You can also add drops of clear air dry gloss varnish in the eye to help seal it (find a tutorial!) but it isn’t always easy to do. As for eyebrows, I am almost never happy with painting them no matter how fine of a brush I use. Plus I’m a sucker for the feel of them so I usually end up adding hair to them and then trimming them extremely short. The needle has to go in almost parallel to the forehead to make them lie flat enough. I have read where someone recommended adding matte varnish over the hair to make it lie even flatter but haven’t tried that.

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Thank you all so much :blush::blush::blush:, I will try all the advice