Help with Emmy


Hi everyone. I need help with Emmy. I’m trying to make her as realistic as possible but I don’t normally do toddlers. What do I need to do to make her look alive and not dolly? I need to fix her lips and tone down her nose and creases but what else?
Thanks Julie


Beautiful job on the eyebrows. I think she looks great.


Thank you!


I also think she looks great. I haven’ t started mine yet, but I’m thinking she couldn’t possibly look “dolly” since she is molded from an actual child. I think she’s beautiful.


I think she looks great actually. Maybe offset the eyes to give her more character? Either way she’s fine.


Thanks so much!


I think she looks great. It might just be the photo but her nose looks a little too red to me also. Will you root, paint or wig her?


Thanks! I have to tone her nose down. I’m going to root her hair. This is my daughter’s doll and I’m using her hair to root.


I would add more details to the lips, but you already said you intended to SOOO, she looks otherwise fine


She looks beautiful!


Those brows are on point! Good job!!!


Thank you so much!


I would tone down the nose and probably do a blending wash over all to bring the colors together. Otherwise she looks lovely.


What did u paint the eyebrows with…great job


What size eyes did u use


Thanks! I had a script liner brush and trimmed the bristles off till I had just a few left and painted them on. I used 24mm eyes. I actually like doing the brows.


You a Hamp with the brows


Your brows do look great. I hope to get them as nice as yours someday . By the way, I Love your Emmy, coming along nicely


Thanks so much everyone!!!