Help with a unknown kit*Update added another kit if anyone knows it.Thanks!

I have a kit that I have no idea who made it or any info about it please help if you can.I think it will be around a 26’ she is built like cuddles her limbs are around same size the only thing on her are the initials A.S.


I just saw this one on eBay… But the seller didn’t know anything about it either!

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Could AS mean Adrie Stoete?


I think your’e right.

Whoever it is…I think she’s cute.

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I believe it’s Elina by Adrie Stoete.


Yes Alina Stoete- Courtney is going to freak out- is she for sale?


Thanks so much everyone.I bought a 7 kit lot from e-bay she was in it along with two holly,one milo,one cuddles from BB a doll named Hedi by marked with O.Ruer on it which I also know nothing about and then a Andrea Arcello completed doll…


(thank you, Kristi)

Amanda, would you be willing to sell this kit??? It is Alina by Adrie Stoete and I have been looking for this kit!! :slight_smile:

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I almost bid on this auction!!! Good job!


Any help with this one I can’t seem to find a Hedi by Olga Auer…

Neck says #10/001-2M JR-18mm


Can any of you ladies think of someone who might know this 2nd baby I posted? I am wanting to buy her body and eyes but not sure what size to get.

I think She’s Trudy

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@DancesWithDolls… How are you liking the class? I haven’t started it yet! :flushed:

I’ve stripped my baby twice lol. I think maybe I’m just not attracted to the heavy mottled look. So I’m no longer actually following it step by step. If it’s a step I that I think will look ok …I do it, if not i skip it and wait for the next lesson. But I have learned some new stuff.


You are correct DancesWithDolls but only info I found on her is she takes 18mm eyes and makes a baby between 18’and 19’ any idea if I could use the body suit 8416 from BB or 5915 ??

@AmandasBabies So in reading info about the kit it says she has 3/4 arms and legs right? Are her legs more stretched out or drawn in? The reason I ask is because personally I prefer body #7540 for my 3/4 leg babies IF they have long enough legs and the legs aren’t “twiggy”. I try to stay away from the leg caps if possible just because I don’t care for the way they look…but that’s just me. As far as the 2 bodies you mentioned, either one would work; #8416 is and inch and a half longer than #5915 so it would depend on if you want your finished baby to be a little longer or shorter. Because #5015 says for “larger preemie” it makes me wonder if maybe it’s a bit thinner than the other, but the description doesn’t provide those measurements.

Can you post a picture of her limbs?

<img src="/uploads/db4141/original/3X/3/7/373f492406985fdac8f78cbddd507c3faf4e8a77.jpg"

This is in a 0-3 mon @DancesWithDolls

I think her legs would be long enough for the front loading body if you like those, but if you’re ok with the leg caps then you won’t go wrong with either of those bodies you were looking at; 8416 or 5915 will both work. I’m thinking that she may fit better into the onsie in body #8614 only because it’s a little bit bigger than the other preemie sized body. Hope that helps :smile:

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