Help! Why won't this baby sell?


I agree!


Your painting looks good, I think it’s really just the kit. It’s not very popular.


These pics re lot better, also the light is better.


I also like these pictures much better. Thanks for sharing them it gives us a better idea of what she really looks like.


I think she’s beautiful. I have had babies that didn’t sell for months…then all of a sudden they get seen by the right person who has to have that baby. You just never know. Babies appeal in different ways to different people. Don’t give up on her.


I still stick by what I suggested and maybe add some of your favorite pics from this lot.


I think exactly the same. It’s a boy for me !


I agree with Ludmila. Once you get rid of the shine, dress her in a different color and get some photos with natural lighting. I think that will make a huge difference.

I personally think the kit is adorable. I like unique kits though.


Don’t know how I missed the other photos :roll_eyes: they are much better than those in red. However, the lighting is not consistent. It leaves me wondering which is more like her real skintone. I think lighting is your problem. I also like Angie’s idea of styling her hair differently. Thin bangs down with a little pony tail on top might be cute.


I’m dying here.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I know exactly who to ask for an opinion when I need a very straightforward one. :joy::joy:
When I make my eyes, I will send you a pair, @ludmila. I will be ready for “Nice job” or “Garbage. Toss them in the bin” Lol

I didn’t think of changing her to a boy, but that may also be a good idea.


Looks like I have my work cut out for me this weekend lol. I’ll try her as a boy, play around with her hair a bit, and definitely give her another coat of matte varnish. Then another photo shoot. Thanks for the great suggestions!


I said I would not want that kit. Not many people seem to like this kit. I was not making criticism of this doll. :slight_smile:

I had one baby, perfectly ordinary and well liked kit, that took over year to sell. I kept thinking I must have made some mistake somewhere that everybody but me can see, but no, every time I went back to the listing everything was fine. I had people proof reading the listing, and everything was fine, but she had no watchers, nothing. I put her price down, and back up again, and nothing. Then I just forgot about her, left her listed, and suddenly she was sold, and I got great FB. I had others, that I did not think they were so great, could not get very good pictures for some reason, and they got snatched within a day of being listed.

I will be most happy to critique your eyes :slight_smile:


I definitely took it as you weren’t a fan of the sculpt, nothing beyond that. I just found your way of expressing that hilarious for some reason. It was funny and refreshing in this day and age where people tend to tip toe around everything because so many people get offended about any little thing… Beyond that, I’m just silly and laugh all day. Don’t mind me, carry on. :grin:


I am a wicked old witch LOL

I do not think telling people that their dolls (or anything else) are perfect when they are not, is helpful. But in this case, besides the shine, it is the kit that will make it hard to sell. But then again, all it needs is one person who does like dolls with strong expressions.

It’s weird what people get offended by. The other day I came across a story of little girl’s birthday party where the kids dressed up in kimonos, painted their faces like geishas and had tea ceremony, and it was called racist and culturally insensitive. It’s sad if kids cannot play dress-ups without somebody getting offended. There is plenty of truly offensive stuff happening, why do people need to look for totally innocuous stuff to get upset about.


Well, I for one was not the least offended! :grin: I appreciate all honest opinions, and I agree, there is way too much sensitivity in the world these days! This sculpt is definitely not to everyone’s taste, and my painting is far from perfect (I’ve only been at this for a year). I’ve seen some sculpts that I wouldn’t take if they were free either lol! I love hearing your opinions Ludmilla! :smile:


Me too------:Ludmila is my kind of person, speaks her mind truthfully but also with kindness—I’m not usually so tactful. LOL


I don’t like the sculpt Karola’s babies have this “ suffering look” you did a great job but I think it’s the sculpt.


I don’t like the sculpt either, but every sculpt is SOMEONE’S dream baby.
The right mommy is out there, but there are some sculpts a LOT of people love (like Sunny, or Saski, or Landon) and some that the right person will absolutely adore, but it may take a while for that “right person” to find it