Help! Why won't this baby sell?


I’ve had my little Rosa Wegerich listed for months and months with hardly any interest and no takers. I can’t seem to figure out why she’s not selling! I’ve recently changed her outfits and taken some Christmas photos, and she’s still just sitting there. She’s listed on both eBay and reborns. Could y’all take a look at her listing and help me figure out what I can do to improve her? Is her price too high? Should I add something to her, or strip her and start over? Honest critique is greatly appreciated, and I promise not to be offended by it! Here’s her link:


The only thing I see is that the red pillow behind her is distracting and taking my eyes away from the doll.


Your pictures are nice, price is definitely not high. For a rooted baby, it’s really good.

Is this a popular sculpt?


Some of the photos have created a glare on her, making it hard to see her true details. Maybe try taking some photos to prevent the glare.


I think she looks a bit shiny . Maybe try a coat or two of matte varnish? I dont think it has to do with her price because that is very cheap, especially for a rooted baby.


For me personally, I don’t like the sculpt, the painting and rooting is beautiful I just don’t like the sculpt.


I would try matting her again. I would do an air dry matte.


I think it’s the sculpt. It is a little strange looking I don’t know if it’s the expression or what but I really dislike the sculpt. This in no way reflects your work just the sculpt itself


Thanks everyone! I’ll try another layer of matte varnish, she’s definitely gotten a bit shiny. And I’ll try to get some better pics with better lighting. Otherwise, I guess I’ll just let her wait for the right mommy. She’s definitely not a popular sculpt, and is a little odd looking! :grin:


I have had 4 reborns listed for a year before they sold.


She looks a little shiny to me but she’s beautiful, the only thing I can think of is maybe doing a 7 day auction on eBay starting at $99…good luck with her sale :smiley::heart:


Yes first thing I noticed is she’s too shiny. Also picture wise, you want the most real baby looking ones. I personally would get rid of in the order on that they are viewed, number 6, 15, 17 and 18.
And move to the top my personal favorites, number 11, 12 and 16.
Sometimes all it takes is one slightly off picture and it’s enough for someone to change there mind.
Good luck, and I think she is a pretty baby!


Great tips everyone! I’ll spend some time this weekend “de-shining” her and improving her photos!


As others said, get rid off the shine, but I also think that red is not her color, it makes her look red as it reflects from the shine. Try something more neutral, maybe dull grayish blue background, and different clothing.

I also do not like this kit. Would not want it for free. But, somebody might love it, it might take a long time, you just need to be patient.


First of all I would take her off the red blanket, it doesn’t suit her coloring. She is a little shiny so maybe you could re-matte her and she isn’t the most appealing sculpt. All of this has nothing to do with your work, it is nice. She might just take a while for the right mommy to come along and see her and say “Oh, I love you, you are mine”!! Be patient!!


3 thing stand out to me

  • She looks very shiny
  • Red colors do not go with with the skin tone
  • the sculpt and the hair both have a bit of a wild look to them. Try styling the hair more around her face for a soft look and so that you do not see so much wrinkled forehead.


Here are some of my original photos - should I have just left them and not tried to “Christmas” her up? (I know I still need to work on her shininess) Sorry, pic heavy!


Those pictures are better in my opinion. Except for the last one, it looks unrealistic. Maybe leave that one out?


How about making it a boy. I think it’s face is better suited for a boy. I think that fourth from the bottom photo shows off the coloring nicely.


I was thinking boy, also.