Help, There's something purple on my Marley Marie's arm

I got my Marley Marie out today to start on her and on her arm there is something purple on it. It wasn’t there when it got here and the only thing I have done to her was give her a bath. I have know idea what it is or how to get it to come off. I have tried water and baby shampoo, goof off and the Winsor Newton brush cleaner and none has gotten it off. So if any of you know how I can get it off please help me. TIA

Here’s 2 pictures of it.

Oh my gosh!! What did you lay her on to dry her? They say zit cream will take something like that off. I’m so sorry that this happened to you!!

I have had that happen also. It seems like the mark comes from nowhere. If goof off doesn’t do it–it sounds like zit cream. Or a really LARGE vein!!! Just kidding. So sorry this happened to you. And on a really good kit. Best of luck removing it.

Thanks I will try the zit cream, is there a speacal kind is should use? I dryed her on plane white paper towels. Hopefully it will come off.

Thanks Lisa, I will try that also.

Winsor and Newton should take it off it it hasn’t soaked into the vinyl yet.

I tried Winsor and Newton so it must have socked in. I just don’t know what it could be the only thing I did was give it a bubble bath with baby wash and then set it out to dry on plane white paper towels and it wasn’t on there then. Then I came back maybe 2 hours later and it was on there. I am going to try the zit cream tomorrow.