HELP painting peach bb kit


I have used a light layer of the premixed warm blush from BB to warm up the peach and it works well. I have also added a tad bit to a flesh layer or two as well. Either one works.


I had the same problem with my Trey/peach kit. I used the magenta 7 to a flesh layer and it helped a lot. Not a lot, just had a pinkish cast to it. Toned down a grayish tint I had.



I always start out with the premixed paints, but I add and mix them as needed. I rarely ever use a color as is. I wish I had it down to a science, but I can never remember what I mix.


I have read a couple tutorials on th earth mint wash…but it doesn’t say to bake after each coat? Is it ok to bake or just start putting on the flesh color?? Thanks… Barb


I thought so, but didn’t want to mess something up…I am still very new at this.Thanks a lot!!! Barb


Hello Denise and your baby is perfect!! I am wondering about the peach sculpt LuLu? How can I make the Asian skin tone?? Help please!!