Help on kit search

Can anyone help identify this Kit’s original creator?

Thank you.

Looks like BB Alma @jlesser?

There’s some resemblance but I don’t think it’s Alma. The mouth is different. I don’t know who it is, though.

That’s strange, the name Mia came up in a thread started by @Icicle a day or so ago. The doll she had questions about was supposedly a kit by Maribel Villanova, and when you look her up the following image appears which looks quite a bit like the doll you posted in my opinion:


The doll I posted was bought on Ebay a few days ago. It says she is Mia by Maribelle Villanova. According to her list of kits there is no Mia. I think mines may be Maria by that artist. I don’t have her yet but will check her neck for a name when she arrives.

Mines has very thin looking legs, that one looks more chunky looking x

I have seen the Mia kit on ebay, its what they call an in house kit or something like that? x

Reminds me of a secrist kit.

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