Help! Not able to add a pic to my signature?

I need help!! I tried to change my pic for my signature and i have not been able to. Now i have nothing.

This is from a previous post by Cheri:

I had problems too but this is what I figured out. Go to User Control Panel in the upper right hand corner.
From there click profile on the left hand side in the box under options.
Then click edit signature.
Scroll down under your signature and you will see a group of 3 boxes:
Disable BBCode
Disable smilies
Do not automatically parse URLs
If there is a check mark in the boxes click to uncheck it. That is what I did and my signature showed up.
I hope it works for you.
The thing I am having trouble with is smiles that people have in their posts are showing for me. Only red x’s are showing up on some of them.

Thank you Eileen! I appreciate your help! And i know what you mean about the smilies. They are the same for me.