Help- Need repair quote


So, I ordered my childhood doll on eBay and the box arrived damaged.
There are tons of stains on the body and outfit she came in, as well as insane rub marks and scratches and paint wear, and her “cryer” box was shattered inside the body.
With filing the claim, they ask for a quote for repairs. Does anyone have the ability to quote repairs? Obviously I can fix her paint and cosmetic issues, and will just open her up and remove the cryer and plastic shards so they don’t rip the body… I won’t need the actual repairs done- I just need an estimate from someone :wink:
I would be happy to send you a package of goodies in return for your time!!
Please let me k ow if it is something you have any experience with, and the ability to fill out an estimate for me


Also- I am aware that the paint issues could have been there to begin with, she is old :wink: They were definitely not photograph or described in the ad though, so I cannot say whether or not they were caused from the box damage


I can help you with an itemized estimate, but would need to know the doll in question because the body needs to be replaced and I would need to price a new body.


I am assuming you are not doing a return claim but an insurance claim.If that is the case,I would look up people that advertise as dolly hospitals or doll repair shops etc. to get a realistic estimate,even if you decide to do it yourself.You may also want to check with the person you bought from as a lot of that may just be from age on the doll and not from the rough handling of the package.


I did check with her, she swears there was not that much damage to the paint. I do believe her on the few that look like freshly rubbed spots, but not the majority of them. She also swears the stains were not there before, and checking the photos at least of her in the outfit, they werent there before.
She offered to do the claim herself if I sent her back, but I still want the doll- she was my childhood doll and I finally figured out her manufacturer and tracked one down :heart:


@ashleyfox98 She is a 1977 Vogue “Welcome Home Baby” by Eloise something (I think lol)


It sounds like you had the same childhood doll as me. Here is a photo of mine I still have her. She was thelove of my childhood. Not original clothing of course. Is it the same?


@Reefbubbles not quite, they are pretty similar though!! Made the same time by the same company :wink:


Oh wow, makes my heart go pitted pat. I must dig out my Christmas morning pic of me opening her. Thank you so much for posting these pics. Brings me way back


@Reefbubbles I am so glad I helped bring back those memories❤ It took me so long to finally find her (I made mine a boy though lol), since it wasn’t a popular doll, she never popped up when I would search for dolls from the 70’s and 80’s.
My little “guy” was the only thing I ever played with, I named him “Baby Austin” and would glue and tape pacis to his face, feed him real baby food (he had crusty food in his nose and lips that I can remember digging out with a toothpick). I even saved my allowence for almost a year to buy a real baby carrier, and he never wore doll clothes, always real baby clothes.
My mom must have tossed him when I moved out, and she couldnt even remember where we bought him or the manufacturer. I was so stoked to find this doll… Then it came all broken and stained and scratched… But I do think that I will enjoy fixing him up❤


@ashleyfox98 Do you know where I should look for a replacemnt body? Not sure what type will work- Here are some pictures of the original body and how it is put together. Looks like the limbs are sewn onto the body and the head is attached via cable tie