Help, need opinion... Oh, how weird this baby after she has body, belly plate, limbs together


Which twins are these? I don’t recognize them.:smiley:


tracy and sweety ! BUT they are share same limbs…so sad…


With clothes on I think she will be fine. I usually dress them in a 2 piece outfit and just raise the top so you can see the tummy. Maybe put a piece of the top in her hand like she raised it up herself.


I would love a one of these baby’s I lot my son in 2011 Harry he was still born and I have just lost my baby boy elliot due to a placenta problem I long to feel the waight of a baby in my arms :heart:


This is an old post from 2015 however that being said Sorry for your loss and they have reborns for sale on and other places if you were to look you could find one in your price range perhaps and to meet your preference .