Help, need opinion... Oh, how weird this baby after she has body, belly plate, limbs together


I just put head, limbs, body and belly plate. Ohh how I hate after putting together.

  • Does the belly plate look too small and funny, this is 21" baby, and this belly plate I read on BB website is for 21" also but it looks funny and weird. Please see the belly button also…
  • For me, the body around armhole looks weird, also the limbs, and belly button become too high in position, and for me the head looks become small after putting together with body limbs etc

This is my second doll, and first time I use belly plate

Need advice please … Thanks


I have the same problem. The belly plate only seems to fit the really little dolls like Leah–18 and 19 inch babies, regardless of what the ad says. You can even see by the head that the chest is too small. The nipples are too close together. I’d like to see BB show an example of how they use that little belly plate on bigger dolls. It is impossible.


also for all the bodies they sell . Almost all of them, ONLY showed as “empty” bodies.


I hate when people ask for belly and back plates and usually try to discourage it. I would rather do a full vinyl baby.


I saw this prototype, and it looks perfect to me. The belly plate looks just nice… It is the SAME as belly plate I used. Mine looks weird


It is too small for that baby in spite of what they advertise. Also when you bake this particular chest plate it “shrinks” and gets a wee bit wider and shorter. The last one I did I put a ribbon through the plate and held it it a taut position until it cooled. It stretched it and made it a little bit longer.


It’s a combination of things. The belly plate is a tad too small and the body is too big. Bountiful baby bodies are fairly generic and made to be used on different dolls. I rarely use BB bodies. They’re just too big in the arm and leg caps. Especially the bulging leg caps. I hate that! And the neck line? What baby’s chest bulges out so profusely?


another picture of the prototype


On the prototype picture the babies more than likely have their limbs only sitting in position and are not actually on the body, that way they can make it look right. I always take my BB bodies in as I think they are a bit too fat, and I hate the leg caps, they make the body way too wide at that point and diapers don’t fit well. I wish they could have them modified.


You may have the body backwards? The string should tie in the back of the legs and not the front. I still doubt the belly plate will look great, but wrap a blanket around the baby and see what it looks like. The plates are only for posing for photos.


Good catch, Pia! I agree the BB bodies are a bit big. I think the thighs are long enough that the baby would look better if it were on a full-leg body.


I agree that a full leg body would look great, but Cindy would have to have it custom made. I think the only full arm and full leg body that BB makes is for Blinkin and Nod and that leg comes out to the side because it has a bit of a “hip” on it and it is too small.


Don’t have much to add on the belly but try dressing baby. I have done one of these twins and she looked so much better once dressed.

I do agree about the bb bodies


I have never had a belly plate that actually “fit” the baby…most of the time…the fabric body allows the limbs to sort
of just “float away”

Someone mentioned dressing the baby…which will help hold the limbs in…and also it is better to not lay the baby flat on
it’s back…but curled into a more natural position a little bit on the side or else tucked into the hole of a boppy pillow!!!


mamadar82, looks good with cloths ! Thanks> What body do you use ?


Thanks Pia !
I have about 12 BB bodies !!! Oh no


I used the bb body although it was a pain with the shoulders. I bought the one with string ties and put my own cable ties in. Cheaper and works well. :wink: also remember what pia said, the ties should be at the back of the body.


Hi Pia,
You mean I did the body wrongly ? I should put back body to the front, and front body to the back ? So position of the string is on the back ? Thanks


That is correct. The strings should be positioned at the back of the body.


I think she will look just fine with clothes on. Adorable sculpt! Who is she?