Help! need ebay bidder advice


Boy do I need some advice! I relisted my A/A Ariella (siggy baby) last week. The listing expires tomorrow. I have a BIN of $450 or Best Offer. Yesterday I got an offer of $325. While I was mulling it over, I got a message from the bidder asking me to cancel her offer. So I told her I would. Today I get another offer from her for $230. I didn’t reply…I just declined the offer. Tonight when I returned home from my baby granddaughter’s 1st birthday party, I had the message on my computer screen that my doll had sold for the BIN price and I needed to send an invoice. I did that and THEN went to check my e-mails and GUESS WHAT…there was ANOTHER e-mail from her asking me to cancel her BIN bid!

I am furious! I have a 7-day return policy so I see no reason to send her the doll because I’m sure she’ll send it back! What do you all suggest. I feel like for some reason this person (who has glowing 100% feedback) is jerking me around! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



First and foremost you need to report her to ebay ASAP. She has entered a legally binding contract and should be expected to pay. There is no way she has done this by accident. I wouldn’t cancel her bid until you get in contact with ebay. I am sure she won’t pay, so you don’t have to worry about mailing the doll to her.


That is awful that someone would cancle her bid 3 TIMES!!! She needed to make her mind and stick to it. I agree, I wouldn’t send her the baby because I don’t think she would make up her mind once she got the baby.


Well I just found out that she has also done this to someone else here on BB (lastingmemories - Debra). The bidder’s id is 123-princessjulia. Make sure you block her…I’m reporting her to eBay by phone first thing in the morning.

Thank you all for your suggestions!


Thank you both for your comments, too! I have contacted eBay about this situation and agreed to cancel the sale and will relist it. I have also blocked her from bidding on any of my transactions!

Thanks to everyone!


I have mine set to block bidders with 2 unpaid item strikes too, I also have put immediate payment required when they do the BIN.
I had a lady do the BIN and never paid, so I always have it set that way now.

Love your siggy babies!