Help my girls messed up my libby!

My girls decided they wanted to add nail polish to my libbys painted hair .how do I remove this without taking off her hair ?

it’s about an inch by inch in size thanks everyone I don’t want her ruined as it’s the best painted hair I’ve done yet

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You could try some non acetone nail polish remover with a q-tip but I think you might have to remove the hair just in that spot. Are your girls grounded until they’re 21?
That hair is fantastic BTW.


I hope I don’t have to redo it I don’t remember the colors I used.eek my girls keep pointing fingers at each other so I told them no more unsupervised visits with the babies lol neither is happy about it .thank you I hope I can do the hair like that again

At least it’s at a thin area so might be easier to fix then if it where in the back

So sad!! Let us know how it turns out.

Have you stopped YELLING yet? :imp::smiling_imp:


Does nail polish remover take off paint? I thought it didn’t…maybe worth a try?

Anything that takes off nail polish will damage the paint to some degree. I am not sure if pure alcohol would take off nail polish. But 100% alcohol takes off only layer of paint at time, so if it does work on nail polish, it would be the best option. Could somebody try if the W&N brush cleaner works on nail polish? It should.
I wonder how tight does nail polish stick to the vinyl? maybe if the vinyl is bent bit the nail polish may crack and peel? Baking soda will do nothing.

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You could try a very hot, damp compress to see if it will soften the nail polish enough to peel it off.

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Windsor & Newton does take off paint, though.

Goo gone maybe?

This is what I have done when I have accidentally gotten a spot of paint on a finished kit. Like maybe I had green or blue on my finger and touched something without knowing or accidentally splattered paint and didn’t realize it until after the pieces were heat set. Dip a Q-tip in Winsor and Newton brush remover. LIGHTLY rub over the spots you want to remove and little by little it should come off. If you rub lightly enough you can remove the paint without removing all the paint layers underneath. You may still need to do a little touch up when done but it should work well enough to remove the paint without messing it all up if you work lightly.

I believe goo off is acetone based. So it will take the nail polish off, but in that case you may as well use acetone, which is fraction of the price of goo off.

If you can’t scrape/bend and peel it gently off, You could try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Dampen it and gently rub the area. I’d probably try a very thin blade first though to scrape it off. Careful not to cut it though.

@fallnangelmama Were you able to fix it?

it lifted paint so I have to fix hair but did not take skin paint off so I guess it’s a win just got to figure out witch prisma I used to start the hair or a close match . I tryed the scraping it’s on there good oh why did it have to be glitter nail polish so I patted it with nail polish remover non acetone than patted with baking soda set it for an hour than tried again to pill off nothing but was softer so did it once again and it worked with some scraping they are never aloud around my office again without me . btw any ideas on what colors I used

Thank you guys for the help