HELP! My belly plate got scratched/melted!


Oh my goodness I was in the other room and didn’t realize my belly plate got too hot and then this scratch appeared. Any ideas on what I could do to salvage it? Do babies scratch their tummies? HELP?!?!


It can be a scar from a surgery


That is a heck of a scratch! What happened to cause that?


I was changing my babies diaper and the timer went off so my 7 year old took the top off


You can fill it with 3-D medium on a super fine brush. Let it dry and see if you need another layer after it settles. It will look shiny but it’s transparent and you can put matte finish over it. I did this with the deep vertical creases in Max’s eyelids.

I use air dry paints, though. I don’t know how it would work with heat set.


Now that you said that your 7 year old took the top off, it looks like she/he might have touched the edge of the oven top to the belly plate and since it was hot it look like maybe it marked it?? I would check to see if the rim of the dome matches that mark, just a thought. I don’t know how to fix it though, sorry.


Did you try heating back up ? it does look like the lid got sat on it.


I made it into a scratch. It’s pretty long but it looks like it was supposed to be there. I also added some thick medium so it feels like a real scratch too


Nice save!


We noticed a scratch like this on my son right after birth except it was on his back. For days we thought it was a scratch anyways, it eventually turned into a ridged like birthmark!