~*Help Me Pick A Name!*~


Since she is so close to being finished, I need a name. I found a few but need help deciding!

Which one do you think she looks like?
Or if you have a name that’s not on the poll, let me know what she looks like to you, but atleast VOTE please!!

She will have pigtails, so I need a name that will fit a little girl with pigtails! lol


She is such a precious little girl, You’ve such a great job on her.

Hugs Tina


She is so beautiful. I voted for Carleigh but to me she looks like a Lacey.


Thank yall so much! I have that name in mind when I look at her too! But I already did a Lacey lol. I just don’t want to make another doll with the same name. But I do love the name Lacey!


Oh, she is stunning. I can’t wait to see her all finished. I voted for Meadow, as I think she looks very calm and sweet.


I think she looks like a “Claire”


Wow she is beautiful!! I voted Alexis, but any name would go well with her pretty face!