Help me match this picture!

I think you looked close to Jared or Ariane Stoete.
I also think Rose is a good match too.
Definately a Stoete though. =]

my first thought was also rose but i am also working on her so her image is burner in my head!!!

I think Deidre is a good match, but she is a preemie. Definitely a Stoete baby though.

How long - sorry, how tall were you when born? Do you want to consider matching the length as well as the face?

Well I know Kaelyn Yarie is a premie, but if everyone remembers
the one did here awhile back with the widows peak hair line?

That baby is a look alike of the above picture, at least to me!!


That doll was fantastic! It won an international contest for best hair rooting. The artist, Cassie Peak, has another example of her hair rooting on eBay right now. It is on a tiny reborn by Yarie, and is so precious. It has an adorable swirl, or crown, back and front! Here is the link: … K:MEWAX:IT