Help me choose?

I think I have OCD.
I am trying to pick out the perfect kit for an awesome family. I have been looking and looking. I want to have it finished for them around Christmas. Right now it is between Arianna (toddler), Corbin by Donna Lee, and a couple others. But I really don’t know if I will even choose between those… I am so lost in choosing a kit and I can’t “just choose one”. So, I just want to ask…

If you were going to be given a FREE custom reborn, which kit (out of ANY) would you choose?

wow. that is tough…i would do a newbornish…although i love the toddlers…so lets see…ilove aubry…sorry to add to your OCD…


I fell in love with Ava Raine by Laura Tuzio
http://www.creativeimpressionsnursery.c … Laura+Ross

Right now…I’d probably want one of Adrie’s newest ones…they are so adorable!

I would LOVE to have either Arianna or any Tamie Yarie kit (especially the first Taylor and Samiah).

Well I am not a fan of the Yarie’s…I know, I know. Let the booing and hissing begin Anyways, I would chose one of Adrie’s new ones or this little one that I am absolutely head over heels for. I love this sculpt and the twin as well. … 6255QQcmdZ

I agree, I’d kill for any of Adrie’s, especially the new Rose. I’m also madly in love with the Michelle sculpt…

I love Arianna, but if I didn’t have any reborns I think I’d prefer a newborn.

I would like an Estelle or Vivien Evelina Wosnjuk. I like happy faces with lots of personality. I think the smiling berenguer from Kmart is cute too and more affordable.