Help! I'm ISO donna rubert fairy kit!


Hoping someone can help me! I am looking for a donna rubert fairy kit, Rainey. With a body for sale. I was medically unable to do any reborning for a very long while. Now that my health is returning, i started to work on some of my kits and my oven malfunctioned and melted the head on my Rainey :’( I would also take either a Skeeter. I live in Phoenix AZ for shipping. Thanks in advanced!!

Also looking for
Stinker by donna rubert


Thanks in advance BUMP


I don’t know anything about Rainy. But I know a lot of us want Stinker. I sure wish they would bring that ornery little booger back into production. Everyone needs a little Stinker in their collection. :heart:


Oh yeah, I’m big into horror and that devilish little “i just got into the cookie jar” toddler grin works so well for “scary” halloween props too!!


Why can’t we have Stinker back? :cry::sob::cry:


Right?! I feel like there were some popular kits that they took down meanwhile some more unpopular kits have remained :frowning: :sob:


You know how Scentsy does “bring back my bar?” I wish @bountifulbaby would do “bring back my kit.” Even if it was just for a short time. Let us all get a stash of Stinkers. :blush:


That would be so amazing!! I’d get a few of the fairies!!!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen the fairies.


They are really cute, look on the discontinued page. I managed to get some and plan on working on them soon


:cry:omg youre so lucky. I was heartbroken when my Rainey melted. Thats the whole point, not stinker haha, i am hoping to find someone willing to sell their kit!

#12 @nikkiroc


Theyre super sweet, small dainty fairies. They look like toddlers or young children. I love them, i am praying i can find someone with an extra to sell!!


@VanitySmurfette Good Luck!!


Thank you!


This is the only picture i was able to get was the before pic!


I know you were, loosing an irreplaceable kit part is devastating. I was so excited to find the fairies and I actually have a Stinker and Tessa to complete my Quad. Keep an eye open, they are a rare find but possible. I actually found mine on this wonderful forum. From time to time,I have seen the fairies on ebay


I would LOVE this fairy!!! Thanks @Anne


There are others too.


Why are they discontinued ?:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: