Help identifying limbs!

Hi! I purchased 3 sets of limbs, and I can only identify one set, which is BB Dominic sleeping. I’m fairly new to reborning and I’m not sure what other companies use for identification, and I’ve googled the marks on the limbs and I’m coming up dry. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated! One set has 070B, and the other is JD494. I’d love to connect these limbs to their correct heads if I can and complete them.

Where did you order from?

Picture would also help

They were purchased privately from someone who used them as practice limbs and they couldn’t remember where they bought them from.

First pic is 070B kit…

Second is JD494

I think the second set may be Gemma’s

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1st set pretty sure Paige

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Who would be the manufacturer?

Both from BB

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@jlesser is right. The first set is BB Paige. The second set is shared by BB Gemma, Blaze, Kimber, Kimi and Rose.


You are TOO good! I was looking at both of them on BB after you mentioned the Paige kit and compared the limbs! I ordered the Dominic head and body today, and now thanks to you I can watch for the Paige and Gemma heads! Thank you so much!