Help! I painted my kit too red!

** This is my first kit**
Hello, I started this kit whilst I was very late in my pregnancy but had to stop due to having my daughter. But I painted him in poor lighting so he is way redder than I wanted him to be. He’s already been baked is there a way I can make him have a newborn tone but not near as red as he currently is? Would adding layers of another colour help? I use genesis heat set paints. I have the premixed kit and also brought Quinacridone crimson 01, Dioxazine purple 04, yellow ochre, pyrrole red 02, Flesh 06, burnt umber & titanium white. He is redder than the photos are showing

Most artists suggest doing thin washes of a mint color all over the kit because colors that are opposite on the color wheel neutralize each other. A flesh mottle might help break up the red as well but go with the mint washes first. Maybe someone else will hop on here to comment too…


What she said. :point_up_2:t2:
Mint washes will fix it.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Mint will tone it down but I would just strip the baby and start over, at this point it won’t be too difficult to do, it is such a pretty sculpt.

Red and purple are hard to fight.

How do I strip the kit? Iv already baked him numerous times will I be able to strip the kit still?

Windsor and newton brush cleaner will take it off. Even baked.

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you will simply “wipe” the baby down with the cleaner until you are back down to the original vinyl. Good ventilation!

Then I would give it a nice Dawn and warm water soak, rinse well and let dry over night.

Start over.

Don’t soak a baby in acetone, it can hurt the vinyl.

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