HELP- Has Anybody Had a Seconds Kit turn Yellow?

I sent an email to BB a few minutes ago- I was going through a big box of seconds kits- all look fine except this Cozy kit- It’s all yellow in the creases and blotchy yellow in the vinyl. I asked them what I should do. I haven’t done anything to these kits- they are in the original bags. Strange- like a chemical reaction?

Oh- what did you do?? does it come off? Did you paint over it?

I would wipe those areas with Winsor and Newton and wash the kit before I began just to see if it can be removed. I guess the good thing about it being yellow is it should be easy to cover because you are using the yellow ochre as a base coat.

Can you buy that at craft shop? I don’t have any yellowochre but I can buy some- first I want to see what BB says.

what the heck? that is so weird…

Oh that does not look good!
Even though it is a seconds kit it should NOT do that. That is either oil that has leaked and dried or a chemical reaction. That will happen sometimes if you use like Oxy 10 to remove a spot…but not when the kit is new.
Please let us know what BB says. This is very serious I think.


Well and this is the only kit that did this in the whole box. All were separated in their own bags- I tried washing it, but no luck- it’s like it’s in the vinyl- not like ink on the top of the vinyl. I looked at all of them a couple months ago when they were new- and I didn’t see anything like that- so must be some kind of oil or chemical reaction. Another girl on here said it happened to her- so I don’t think I am in the only one.

I’ve had it happen too…it seems to happen to me more often with seconds kits. I think Joy is right, and that it’s a chemical reaction…let us know what BB says!

Oh dear that is not good! I would be afraid the finished reborn would go yellow over time. I sure hope none of the ones people have reborn and sold did that!

I haven’t had any of my seconds kits do that either. Hope you can solve the problem.

Hi - BB asked me to return the “yellow” kit for further inspection and offered refund or another kit- I know I will be shopping here again with all the new kits coming out. Thank you BB for your great customer service!

Well, I didn’t have a second kit turn yellow, but I had some difficulties with this particular kit. The hairs kept falling out as if the vinyl was thinner than usual, and the paint didn’t stick to the vinyl well as with the other kits. I couldn’t find anything else wrong with it (not oily, no spots or something like that)…

I am not surprised that BB is concerned! I use seconds ALL the time and I have not had this happen at all. Only time is when I bought a kit (not BB) from someone on DF and she had used a lot of weird stuff to try to strip it, including OXY10 on the eyes. That yellow would not come out at all. Shame.

Please continue to keep us posted about what BB says. I was thinking that the yellow almost looks like it had been painted and stripped. I wonder if someone returned a kit and it got mixed up at the warehouse? Such things could happen.

Glad they are working on it…please keep us informed!

Well- I think it’s a chemical reaction in the vinyl itself because it has happened to more people than just me- I am returning it to BB- maybe they can figure out what happened.