Help frizzy rooting


Ok so I order some mohair and I get it. Well I have to clean it before I can even use it. Then as I am rooting NOT ALL THE HAIR IS THE SAME COLOR PLUS ITS SUPER FRIZZY!!! I have 1/4 of the babies head done and it is frizzy and what I was told was black I now am discovering it red!!! I’m not happy​:rage:. So does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get mohair that is all the same color and not frizzy. This is the first baby I have rooted and now I’m disappointed. :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Golden Fleece Boutique-she’s on our forum and makes beautiful mohair. Slumberland, Delta Dawn, Sugargliderus, Angela Sprott and Angora Mohtique all make high quality mohair.


Exactly what I would have said.


Where did you get the mohair?
Quality mohair is the most important part of rooting.


Well considering it’s my first baby and not knowing anything I fell to the Amazon. BIG MISTAKE!! Lesson learned


Thanks @jeanhai :smile:

You could try combined water or very diluted conditioner through it- that might help a bit with the frizz. But test some of the mohair first to make sure it doesn’t bleed-- that can be a problem with mohair that isn’t pocessed correctly. Take some hair, wet it, wrap it in a white paper towel and give it a squeeze. You shouldn’t see any color on the paper towel.

You can always pull out the bad hair and start again…but I know how painful/frustrating that is! Good luck :blush: Let me know if you have any questions.


Any new hair Rainbow


I think we have probably all of us at one time or another had bad mohair we bought. :roll_eyes:
I bought a lot before i found slumberland and that is still my favorite so far.
I had some dark brown mohair that bled and stained and ruined the whole head.


I have a whole bunch ready to post this weekend :smile: I’ll try to get some up on the site tonight & I’ll post on the forum when it’s there. Thanks for asking!




I use the spray on conditioner that B.B. sales. I spray every time I brush the hair. It calms the frizzy. It has to have a tiny bit of oil in it. If you look at a new borns head it looks a little oily. You could try to make your own spray with conditioner and water in a spray bottle.


I made the same mistake with cheap mohair. It was supposed to be curly black. It bled all over the vinyl even after being washed. And it isn’t curly, it’s just super frizzy. I used baby hair lotion on him and it helps with the frizzies. I use it on all of my dolls. My mom used it on us, I used it on all 5 of my babies. It’s good and gentle.


Here’s my frizzy hair boy with hair lotion


He’s cute. Thanks for all the suggestions I really appreciate it. When I’m done I’ll post a pic of him. Thank you again.


Ok so I ended up pulling all the hairs out of my Frankie head. Started over with a fork needle and different hair. I think this hair looks good


I use the B.B. spray conditioner the whole time I’m rooting to stop frizz and tangling. You can use no more tears to. I’ll have to try this. The better the mohair the better the results.