Help! Creases are causing me pain!


Occasionally, I’ve used a prisma pencil on creases for Caucasian babies depending on their skintone. I use Black Cherry which is what I use for nails & a base layer on lips too. I just follow the crease with the pencil lightly and then go back with a clean brush w/ thinner on it and blend them. I’d imagine there are other colors of prisma pencils that would work too, but black cherry is the only one I’ve tried.
Not great pics but this is a baby that I used the pencil for her creases, lips and nails.



That is a very interesting idea! Nice work :blush:


That looks great!! <3 I have 72 Prisma pencils. I’m tempted lol


Try it :slight_smile: Just go lightly at first, you can always remove it if you don’t like it.