Help! Creases are causing me pain!


I have tried several different ways, for two days now, to get a nice clean crease. I can’t. And I’m getting frustrated. The brown color made the creases look so dirty. As did the purple. And so did the pre mixed crease color. I tried mixing with just thinning medium… Dirty creases… I tried just Mona Lisa thinner… Dirty creases… I tried more paint… Dirty creases… Less paint… Dirty creases… I tried mixing mixing mixing my paint a lot…dirty creases. I tried blending the crease out with a wedge or paint brush… Crease color gone! I am at my wits end. Can someone recommend a TRIED AND TRUE method that works every time?! A good color/texture that gives a nice clean crease color? Is there such a thing??? :scream:


Try adding pink to make it a little more on the dark pink side of purple but if you look at a picture of real crease shadows it is a grey color usually
Might be you just need to thin what color you are using Can always do more coats…One more thing creases seem to be diffeerntcolors in different parts of the body.feet and hand i use more pink in it
Leg creases i use more purplish grey.It is tricky to get it exactly right i agree.


Maybe someone will come along with a better answer, but I only stopped having this problem when I stopped doing creases all at once. I gently shade them from the beginning and blend them out. Let them disappear. On some kits they do 3 or 4 times just like the vinyl eats the warming washes we apply, but eventually it will show up, and when it does it won’t look dirty.

The color is a tough one because the color depends on the color of my doll. Mine is usually a few shades darker than the doll and includes a blush shade.

Sometimes I also use powders.


I mix my color Red, blue and brown plus thinner to get the shade I want.The premixed looks like


I just mix red with thinning medium. After a bake I add a little blue in the bend of arms and legs.


Whatever crease color I am using, I always add a bit of flesh to it. It makes it look more natural. Of course there are many ways but this is my preferred method now.


Here is what I used with Genesis painting- Thinning medium with #4 BB paint pot or if you don’t have that, mix a bit of Flesh with Quinacridone Crimson 01. As long as you mix it well and know that you are probably going to have to re-do creases more than one time, sit back and enjoy. :wink: I put on music or a movie and crease away.


I’ve been reborning nearly 2 years and I still sometimes struggle with creases…especially between the toes…I feel your pain…

I’m working on a Faith kit and that thing has weird toes. I had to strip her toes because the creases looked awful.


Hahaha yeah. Crease away. For hours and days :confused: arg!


i got pan pastels and mess around with them for creases. Seems easier at times but that’s a whole different ball game.


Something that a lot of people seem to forget when attempting creases is patience ( im also guilty :joy:)They only want to go over the creases once instead of doing multiple layers. My advice would be to buy some magenta 04, genesis red 02, and a purplish color (I’m pretty sure you already said you had bb creasing color. I mix all of my creasing colors with thinning medium and then test it on my hand. If the coloring doesn’t show up clearly on my hand I add more paint. I then apply it to my dolls creases fully with a cats tongue brush from baby strokes and pounce on it with a half inch mop from baby strokes. I sometimes have to do up to 3-4 creasing layers on my dolls to get the desired effect (baking in between each time for 12-13 minutes at 265) but it is worth it. Patience will pay off. I once had the same problem but haven’t since then! (Don’t do too many layers or else the paint will appear chalky, just make sure your thinning medium is pigmented enough!!)


I used Rembrandt soft pastels on my last one, and it was amazing! I got the creases done so fast, they blended effortlessly, and it looked natural. I’m still in search of the right color, but I loved using the pastels.

Method I used:
Run dry brush over pastel
Apply to creases like you would eyeshadow
Apply varnish


I do my creases with my mottle layers. So when I do the red/pinky mottle layer, I hit all my creases after mottling. Then I do a blue mottle layer, hit the deep creases after mottling. Then I mottle with a purple color and hit all the creases at the end. Since I’m using the same color as my mottle, I’m using mona Lisa thinner. But since I’ve already used it to mottle, it’s thicker. I tip my dish and dip a liner brush in the thicker part of the mixture. I line the crease lightly then use a small angled blending brush to feather or tap the paint out to blend. The blue mottle color I only use I’m fatty leg creases. The end result is a purple color as the layers build. The average creases are darker with the pink and purple layers in the crease and the really liggt creases in feet or hands I jist use the pink mottle color. I may hit them a second or third time if need be to get the depth of color that I want tho. Same with all the creases. After my mottle layers are all baked individually, I work on skin tone. During this time I reassess my creases and adjust them accordingly. Sometimes I still get creases that get ugly. Mostly cuz I overlooked or rushed. Often, I’ll do a dry brush method too if I have paint on my dish that is dry. I’ll use my angled brush in that. And gently rub it in the crease to get the desired contrast.


I’m at the creases part now with my first reborn…is it best to use the thinning medium versus paint thinner? I will have to order it as I don’t have thinning med. I don’t like them to look brownish…more pinkish/reddish? I think lol


I use thinner to do my creases, but I make the paint really thick so it doesn’t run. I use a dark purple shade for most of my babies. I use a thin liner brush, starting in the center of the crease and working outward. Then I use a stiffer dry brush to blend and remove excess paint (I have some cosmetic brushes I found at dollar tree that I love to use for this). Then I use a cosmetic wedge to blend the edges. Using this method, I rarely have to do more than 2 layers of creasing, and often only one layer. For all other layers, make sure to go over the creases really well with a dry brush to remove any paint.


You might want to try shading your creases with powders. I like using the PanPastels. They are intense but if you add in the colorless blender you can control that. They stain very well and are not filled with things that cause the paint not to stick well like eyeshadows do (another popular method). If you are using Genesis paints, it is recommended to use the powders last before final sealing. If using air dry paints, you can use them during the painting process at any time. All the ladies who tried my PanPastels method in my recent class just loved them!


Hi @anjsmiles which colours do you recommend ? x


I like to use 430.1 Magenta Extra Dark for a purplish crease but I have also used 340.3 Permanent red shade for a more pinky red crease.


I still hate doing creases. The only way I can get them to look nicely shaded without the grainy look, is to do many many thin layers and I just use thinner not the medium. In sure there are other better ways! I have not tried the powder yet…


Thank you so much…I suppose like with anything, there will be fun times and trying times lol :slight_smile: