Help chaulky babies


I know this has been asked before but I couldnt find any answers.
How do you get rid of the white chaulky look? This seems to happen to me with the BB kits but I think its just me because I’ve seen some really nice ones here.

What color wash can I do or do I have to start over?
Thank you in advance Debi


Did you bake it already? If so I think you may have to start over. If you haven’t baked I usually just take a sea sponge and kind of blend with that.


its baked and has hair


oh yikes. I am no help then. Sorry


My first babies were chaulky. I think I had too much paint, or did not bake long enough. It is not BB babies-- It’s just the method you are doing. Trust me, I could screw up all of them!
I have not baked one with hair again, but some say to put conditioner on the hair and wrap it in a cloth if you bake again.

I just kept doing more babies until I perfected the painting. I read everything on BB I could find. Sometimes the way someone words it, you have an “AH-HA” moment, and realize what you were doing wrong. For me, someone said the mixed paint should look like skim milk, and then I got the picture. Before, “thin” paint, did not “tell” me anything.


Here are three things that can cause the chalky skin look:
Your paint is not thin enough [thin down like Ink or watercolours].
Tempature on your oven is not hot enough [use a hanging thermometer place it inside your oven] make sure it says 265* bake 10 min at this temp.
Oven tempatures can be off causing this to happen!
To much paint on your baby brush off skin, all creases, inside ears, around nose , anywhere where the paint will collect and puddle] Do this with a med or large “Maxines Mop” brush. I use a small “Fan” brush for the creases and in between the toes & fingers. Usually I find that not baking it at the 265* temp is the problem[this is using a Genesis Thermometer placed inside the oven].

If all else fails use Windsor & Newton Brush Cleaner and Conditioner, for removing your baked on paint. It works wonders and leaves the vinyl soft and like new with no harsh effects.

This is a great Tutorial in our Tut section on painting a baby check it out…
Good Luck hon the trial and error is a learning process but this may help!


If her hair ISNT sealed yet try this…

Mix some thinning medium and some odorless thinner ( equal parts)
mix really good and pounce on with a cosmetic sponge really thin layer and then bake. It doesn’t change the chalkiness but it gives a light moist sheen to the skin so it doesnt look so chalky…an illussion basically