Hello Kali is relisted on ebay .99 no reserve auction

I have my kali relisted due to a non paying bidder on ebay…
This time I started her with a starting .99 auction no reserve PLUS I am adding gifts… PLEASE CHEER HER ON an Hope I dont have to deal with another idiot
Thank you
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … :MESELX:IT

she is adorable i love her just wish i could buy her , ebay has not helped me much with dolly money these past few months. but good luck to some lucky mom. if you decide you need a baby sitter for a while gramma marlene will do it marlene

She is beautiful! I sent you a ? via ebay. Good luck with her sale!

she is so pretty, I cant believe ebay right now, sloooow

Sorry you had to deal with a NPB, they seem to be running rampet lately.
Best of luck on your auction. She is very cute

Too bad about the NPB. She is beautiful!

Bol with her auction, Kali is beautiful.

   Hugs Tina

Thank you all for your comments.
They are all very sweet. Also tilly I will get your pics to you asap.
I will post them on here also
Thanks again Ladies

She’s gorgeous! Good luck with her auction. Sorry you’ve had problems on ebay; that must really suck!

What a sweetie! She’s already doing well starting at .99 & 4 days to go. I hope she goes up & up!