Heat set paint on heat damaged vinyl

I was on my final layer of my baby and when i removed him from the oven i grazed him lightly against the top of the oven, removing several of paint and varnish, i noticed the vinyl in small sections was lightly melted so i decided to try starting from a base and lightly sanding the vinyl to strip the melted vinyl and paint off then putting all my layers back onto it, the paint does not set correctly i was wondering if anybody has some advice for painting over a slightly melted section or if the kit has been ruined?


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Most people root over it if it is in a spot that can be covered by hair. They will make it an alternative doll if it is a spot that can’t be covered. I’ve had some success with thick medium that I tint with a flesh tone and kind of spackle into a scrap mark and make it as smooth as possible, baking several times. Then I paint and try to match to the rest of the doll as best as possible.

Do you have a picture?