Heat lamps


So, I have had 2 heat lamps from ebay within one year, which I feel is quite irritating. Each one I have had, the light bulb does not last very long. Maybe a week. I was wondering if this is happening to everyone. The newest one I have does not have a high or low button and I feel my head isn’t getting hot enough using 15 watt bulbs. I’m nervous going any hight but may have to because I’m finding that if the head isn’t hot enough it can scratch the paint. Any suggestions?


I presume you are trying to warm the head for rooting, the best thing I have found is to put rice in an old sock and heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes then put it inside the head (as shown on customdollbaby.com) . The heat lasts for about an hour, wish I had discovered this sooner I would have far less broken needles.


Is this dry rice? Do I heat rice first and then fill the sock?


It’s uncooked rice, you put it in the sock first and then heat it.


I’m going to try today. Maybe I ca. Move faster on this rooting!


Dry uncooked rice, I just use an old white sports sock, put a fair amount of rice in, tie the end in a knot then just keep putting it in the microwave each time it cools down. I put the empty portion of the sock into the head then tip it up so the rice fills the bit of inside the head. If you look on YouTube for customdollbaby.com rooting video she demonstrates how to use it. It really does work well and cost free plus an added bonus is it keeps me warm while working!


I was heating head and then sticking heat lamp in, waste too much time.


The rice sock is so easy and effective I wished I had seen it earlier. Another benefit is that because of the weight of the rice the head is more stable when working.


So excited. I love the heat lamp but I’m going through bulbs like crazy.


Give the rice a try you’ll be surprised the difference it makes.


Hahahha, and rice is all over my floor. Good laugh for the morning.


Yes dry white rice. In a nylon heated about every 30 seconds until hot. Heat it for 1-2 minutes in the microwave until it’s piping hot then carefully stuff it in the head before rooting. I have to use a pencil or paintbrush handle to stuff it into smaller heads. But with bigger heads it goes right in. Be careful it is hot enough to scald you very badly! It should keep the head warm for 1/2 to 1 hour. I have found stuffing a scrunchy or fabric in the neck afterwards keeps the head hotter longer. I warm the area I want to root by rotating so that part is down for a minute or two.


My bulbs last for several heads. Not that i worry too much; they cost only 60c each and make rooting so much easier. In this moment I am rooting the tiny fairy and no way I can use the lamp; it drives me crazy having to keep heating the head and not being able to root in the evening.


It drives me crazy too! My old lamp lasted only a month or two and my new one the socket is crooked. I love that it lights up, but my bulbs are blowing out fast.


My heat bulb lasted 1 head or less went out .Took the switch out it works but i havent used it anyway back to rice sock firmer head doesnt cave in with it


SUckkkkks!!! But when it works it is great! I am going to the rice sock as well!


I used rice when I started, but it has lot of moisture in it and that made the inside of the head wet. When i tried to dry the rice out in my microwave it caught fire. No thanks, I am happy with my lamp, :slight_smile:


Haha, I was afraid of that!


Why would you take the switch out? That should not make any difference to how long the bulb lasts. I have bought second of these lamps because I wanted longer cord than the original had. The second one has a dimmer switch, which is excellent for smaller heads; I can just turn it down when the head gets too hot and keep rooting, rather than having to take breaks. Unfortunately, those fittings with dimmers all seem to lack the disc needed to hold th lamp firm in the neck, so it needed bit of work, but now it is great.


I had the same problem, I think what Rirish is saying that the bulb blows out. I have the same problem. I put a new bulb in like Tuesday and it blew today. That is very frustrating. This has happened with 2 lamps. Then the first lamp stopped working after about a month or so and I had to get a new one and the socket is crooked.