Heads, Limbs and Torsos

Shipping costs are determined by location, USA only please
Maggie $12.50

Easton $7.00 SOLD
Scarlett $7.00 SOLD
Kimberly $10.00 SOLD
Kitten $10.00 SOLD
Tibby $10.00 **SOLD

Kitten arms $7.00 **SOLD
Tibby arms $7.00 SOLD
Sweet Pea awake legs $7.00
Liam legs and arms $12.00 SOLD

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I would like the Scarlet head. Please send invoice on PP.
My email is pschomaker@hughes.net

Watch the spelling of my name.


PM sent

Both are larger human babies.

I apologize to those who may have found my post offensive. It certainly wasn’t my intention. I am looking for a reborn doll head to practice painting hair and perhaps rooting as well. My question about the Kitten and Tibby heads was sincere. I have seen Reborn cat kits. I haven’t been around long enough to be familiar with the names and faces of apparently popular doll kits.

Again, please excuse my inexperience. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

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