Heads, kits, wigs, 2oz bottles, real eyes

Here’s a whole list of stuff I’m clearing out. Heads, limbs, kits, wigs, 2oz. bottles, real eyes, etc.

These are brand New 17" LaNewborn Moments (retired). Includes the head with non-sexed torso and diaper.
$14.00 each. Shipping is additional on all items.




Shirley wig 12-13 size Blonde $8.00

French Braid with curly bangs size 15 Dk Blonde $6.00

Syndee brand wig Wispy Black Large $4.00

Tyler kit by Shelley Halperin.
Includes vinyl head, arms and legs. Makes about a 22" doll depending on the cloth body you use.
Brand new in box with certificate of authenticity.
$38.00 + shipping.

Picture of completed doll only. Not what you will be receiving.

2oz. Baby Bottles (they come either pink, blue or green) $2.00 each + shipping

Real Brand Doll Eyes- All eyes are $2.75 pr.
18mm colors I have available -
Ocean Green, Charcoal Gray, Blue, Vienna Blue, Victorian Blue, Tiger Eye Brown, Dk Brown (SOLD OUT), Hazel

Newborn Baby Hats blue/pink stripe $2.00 each

Tushies Preemie Diapers 6 for $2.50

I have some Secrist heads, limbs and body packs to sell. These are the good vinyl not the older stuff that was oily.

Secrist heads I have –
21" Acorn $18.00

19" Honey Head w/blue eyes $18.00

17"Gumdrop Kit (1/4 limbs) $24.00

17" Taffy Kit (1/4 limbs) $24.00

Secrist Bodies and Limbs -

17" Preemie body slip for 3/4 limbs $6.00

17" Preemie body slip for 1/4 limbs $6.00

Corey body slip for 3/4 limbs $6.00

17" 3/4 limbs only $10.00




I have a soft spot for secrest kits. When I started reborning I bought a giant box from a seller who stopped reborning. I think my first 25 baby’s were
Secrest. I’ll message you in a month to see if you have any of them left. :heart:



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Do you still have the wigs? Interested in all of them.

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I sent you a pm

Updated original post.

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