Heads, kits, wigs, 2oz bottles, real eyes, poly pellets


Here’s a whole list of stuff I’m clearing out. Heads, limbs, kits, wigs, 2oz. bottles, real eyes, poly pellets etc.

These are brand New 17" LaNewborn Moments (retired). Includes the head with non-sexed torso and diaper.
$14.00 each. Shipping is additional on all items.




Shirley wig 12-13 size Blonde $8.00

French Braid with curly bangs size 15 Dk Blonde $6.00

Syndee brand wig Wispy Black Large $4.00

Tyler kit by Shelley Halperin.
Includes vinyl head, arms and legs. Makes about a 22" doll depending on the cloth body you use.
Brand new in box with certificate of authenticity.
$38.00 + shipping.

Picture of completed doll only. Not what you will be receiving.

Brand new poly pellets for sale. I’m selling them by 2lb. bags for $9.50 + shipping

2oz. Baby Bottles (they come either pink, blue or green) $2.00 each + shipping

Real Brand Doll Eyes- All eyes are $2.75 pr.
18mm colors I have available -
Ocean Green, Charcoal Gray, Blue, Vienna Blue, Victorian Blue, Tiger Eye Brown, Dk Brown (SOLD OUT), Hazel

Newborn Baby Hats blue/pink stripe $2.00 each

Tushies Preemie Diapers 6 for $2.50

I have some Secrist heads, limbs and body packs to sell. These are the good vinyl not the older stuff that was oily.

Secrist heads I have –
21" Acorn $18.00

19" Honey Head w/blue eyes $18.00

17"Gumdrop Kit (1/4 limbs) $24.00

17" Taffy Kit (1/4 limbs) $24.00

Secrist Bodies and Limbs -
19" Infant Limbs (1/4 vinyl) $14.00

17" Preemie (1/4 vinyl) limbs w/cloth body $18.00

17" Preemie body slip for 3/4 limbs $6.00

17" Preemie body slip for 1/4 limbs $6.00

Corey body slip for 3/4 limbs $6.00

17" 3/4 limbs only $10.00




I have a soft spot for secrest kits. When I started reborning I bought a giant box from a seller who stopped reborning. I think my first 25 baby’s were
Secrest. I’ll message you in a month to see if you have any of them left. :heart:




Do you still have the wigs? Interested in all of them.


I sent you a pm