Heads in parts 09/18


Heads for sale in parts…09/14/2018


Gone before I even got the page to load. Wow


Scroll down they are not test parts. They are listed. Zuri, Maggie, Brooklyn, Ashley asleep



Are you sure? I just checked.


Test heads are gone. Individual heads are still up. My mistake.


There was Brooklyn, Zuri and Maddox. Kind of far down the page.


Did they have test heads or just the $15 heads?


They had test heads earlier -I got one -that was all that was left by the time I found it lol :joy:


By the time I checked test heads must hve been gone.


BB gotta stop this flash of night test head nonsense. They got all us women up in here with insomnia over a damnn $4 head. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just ordered some they are still there, click on Jenni’s link. $15 is not a bad price if you check other sites pricing for one head $39.:footprints::baby:


Those aren’t test heads. They are just extra heads. Test heads are in the technique test section for $4. They disappear as quickly as they show up. The “heads only” last for hours or days. At $15 they are still a great deal, and you know what you’re getting.


I guess no off center noses with these, I only need a couple as I have a few cuddle bodies hanging out looking for a head. LOL I never manage to get test heads they are snapped up too fast.


I ordered test heads yesterday. Don’t know what I’ll get, but if anyone has a 3mth Joseph head I’ll trade or buy. I want to try opening the eyes.


$15 Ashley and Brooklyn were available in the wee morning hours.


And Zuri was too for a little bit. :heart:


The parts section is becoming like a roulette table or the lottery lately :smile:




I have been hoping to get any kind of extra head to practice hair on!!! I think it would be awesome if they would get a LOT of some kind of heads in (except animal heads – I don’t want those) so we can all have an opportunity to get one!


Were they easier to get in the past?