Head for sale (sold)

If anyone is interested, I have a Kaya head for sale for $12 includes shipping.
USA and paypal.

I would be intrested will you be able to us

UPS Post to Seychelles

I only ship in the USA.

Is this still available?

No but I have a Kyra head. If you are interested in buying it, send money to my paypal address at vcarterr@yahoo.com
Thank you,

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Is it the biracial or the light color vinyl?

Thanks. I am looking for the lighter color vinyl because I have limbs I am going to try and match it up with.

Ok. That’s going to work out good because I was mistaken and thought I had the head only. But when I checked the box it was a full kit. Thanks

So do you have the biracial Kaya kit available?

Yes I do have her. I’m not sure she is biracial but she is not a light vinyl.

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How much do you want for her!

$27 includes shipping. If you are interested please send money to my paypal account. vcarterr@yahoo.com.

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Dang it. I wish I had seen this earlier.
I had just purchased it for full price on the BB site right before I saw this. Thank you anyway.

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