Having a hard time and need help or maybe just run away?

Seems like this year has just had me down. Haven’t been doing much reborning. Or much of anything. I’ve got plenty of kits, plenty of time but just no energy. So down now because I am going to have to strip off some of the paint that faded on Codie. This after having to strip a kit a few months ago that I’ve since repainted. I really liked the paints and think it is the vinyl since I’ve used one color on other dolls with no fading. It’s just problems with paints, problems with my knee and back, having to put my cat to sleep last night. I’m already on anti-depressants but right now I just feel like I’m ready to just go hibernate somewhere.

I’ve had a doll for a lady near here finished except for assembling for two weeks. Boxes from BB unopened. A baby needing hair (the one that got repainted), another just needs a layer of matte and hair and eyebrows to be done. Codie needs help. And I just keep playing stupid computer games, then kicking myself for not reborning since I know I would have accomplished something. I can’t do housework or yardwork but I can paint lying down! Just feeling like I’m terrible at this with a few failures lately. And scared I’ll mess up a doll beyond help. About to the point of mailing one of you a baby to critique (besides my anonymous friend that I send babies to) just to get an opinion. And ready to get rid of a few that weren’t perfect in hopes that not having them reminding me of the mistakes will let me remember the successes.

I have a dr’s appt tomorrow, therapy in the pool on Thursday so I know this week will disappear just like today did. I need a slave driver to get me moving again!

Depression and sadness tend to drain all the happiness and energy out of our lives. If you are not able to resolve your feelings with a friend or loved one, sometimes the support of a councilor or medical professional helps to put things into perspective. It helps to talk to someone you trust, about your feelings. Running away doesn’t solve the problem. It only takes it with you wherever you run to. Remember, you are special. You are loved. All things are resolved, given time. The pictures you have posted of your reborns show a lot of talent. Don’t lose faith in that. My thoughts are with you. Be at peace.

I’m sorry you’re feeling so awful. I could give you a whole load of advice on how to feel better. But when you’re clinically depressed, none of those things will help or make you feel any better (they would probably make you feel worse because you may not have the energy or ability to implement any of them right now). Just know that we’ve got your back. But I’m glad you have a doctor’s appointment. You may need your meds adjusted (especially after this long winter - seasonal depression is a serious problem that is often overlooked or not taken seriously, and it can exacerbate pre-existing depressive episodes). Just remember: wherever you go, there you are, so opt for the help instead.

I hope you feel better soon.

I so appreciate all of your support and also knowing I’m not the only one that has constant pain or struggles with depression. This forum keeps me from feeling alone and makes my day brighter. I’m hoping that now winter is over and once pollen season is over that I will feel better. Cold weather is awful! And I see my psychiatrist soon.

I just need to go ahead and strip Codie back, put a heavier layer of genesis matte on her in hopes that she doesn’t fade again and repaint her. She was beautiful before and I can do it again. I so love the way she will be able to wear anything, even just a diaper. I haven’t been making dolls to sell on purpose lately but just a few that I didn’t bond with after all. And I adore making dolls for my friends, especially one that collects dolls and shares my interests. I just need to get the assembly line moving again! Strip any boo boo babies, wash kits, seal, paint, root, eyebrows (aargh!), eyes, stuff, attach limbs, dress (ahh!) and love or give away!

Of course a big dose of Catherine would solve a lot! Hubby is working an outage with 4 days on and one day off. My son wants me to come out for a few weeks but I hate to make hubby sad. But snuggles with my little Catherine would be awesome!