Has this happened?

Okay hubby went to the post to ship my baby to customer. According to postage calculator it was going to be $18. Now I was thinking wow that’s cheap, but not shipping across continent so thinking okay great. Then hubby calls and says it only cost $7.35, said she sent it flat rate. Hmm I used a much bigger box than any flat rate… sends me pic of receipt

I see it says flat rate envelope…
Hubby says, it was the really grouchy lady, I wasn’t going to argue with her. :laughing:.
Do you think this possibly could end up getting sent back to me? Bit worried now.


I doubt it will get sent back. Once it’s paid for, I doubt anyone pays any attention as long as there’s postage on it.


That is what I am hopeful will happen.

Your Christmas gift from USPS.


Lololol @jeanhai

Please keep us posted! I’m curious about this!


I will! Customer never mentioned needing her by Christmas so if she comes back at least won’t have that additional stress lol

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I think they will charge your USPS account the remaining balance.

Last year I sent a 24x10x8 box… and paid about $30… well somewhere along the line a worker remeasured and weighed it and said it was larger than I had said and they charged my account an extra $15. I was unable to use their website until I paid it.


Yep this just happened to me. For 35 cents. Lol.

Couldn’t purchase postage until I paid it.


They may ask the customer to pick it up and pay the difference.


Okay good to know all the different possible outcomes. Now it’s a waiting game I see.

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Sometimes they may charge the customer upon arrival if you shipped it directly at the post office and there’s no account linked to it

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