Has anyone used velour fabric for their bodies?


As an alternative to doe suede. Its hard to find reasonably priced doe suede online in white!!


I was getting mine made out of white chenille! It was incredible. Chris was making them for me. Unfortunately she is taking a break


oooo chenille sounds nice. Would be so soft.


I’ve been wondering about bodies too and different types of materials besides doe suede… right now I’ve bought some flannel and eyelet (which I know has been done) but I hope it works for me… I’m new at sewing.


i have used white fleece and it works really well. it does not fray so there is no need to finish the edges.


oh my! i absolutly love it.


i am not sure what eyelet is. can you describe it for me? Thanks


I have used white robe velour before. It feels sort of like a heavier brushed nylon. I used to get it at Joanne’s Fabrics but they quit carrying it.
Here’s a body from long ago made with it:

Now I use white or cream butter suede that I get at Hancock Fabrics. It is almost the same as doe suede.
Here’s a baby with a white butter suede body:


thanks so much for responding. that looks alot like fleece.i really prefer white because when the neck shows it looks like part of the onesie my babies usually wear. i am embarrased to admit that i do not know how to transfer pictures of my dolls to this forum but i am hoping to learn how very soon. thank-you again for your pictures. lynchie1


I think the only thing you need to be careful of in using different fabrics is that it doesn’t stretch much. That is the nice thing about Doe suede, it doesn’t stretch at all. But any soft fabric should work well if it doesn’t have a lot of stretch, like some velour does. Nancy


thanks so much for the tip. the fleece i used has a one way stretch and i accomadated for that by making the width smaller. lynchie1


Ok, I can make bodies but where do you get those gismo’s for the joints?




I have ordered some from BB and some I bought from a craft store called Hobby Lobby. i am not sure you have those in california but i think Micheals would have them. good luck in making your bodies. I think it saves alot and it really is easy! Lynchie1


I know BB has them,but I was wondering if there is another source to get them without the big post and at a reasonable cost.



thank you for the info…

Hugs n’ Stuff



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Ok, I can make bodies but where do you get those gismo’s for the joints?



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I get my joint connectors from
and purchase my fabric from BB because I like using the flesh and ethnic colors for my babies. I just wait until they run a sale and purchase a few yards at a time.


Ladies you can get joints and craft velour at http://www.crscraft.com/ i love the softness of the velour they sell.


I have flesh colored brushed poly velour it doesnt stretch or unravel. I am going to run out of it soon and Im having a hard time replacing it. The curtain velour unravels like crazy and I cant find the right color.
The only fabric store around is Joannes but it doesnt carry anything.


The doe-suede BB carries is not as thick as what I used to get at NikkiDolls when she was in the states. Still nice but just not special. KWIM? I haven’t been selling as much and still have a couple of yards of the fabric I bought last year. I usually buy 5 yards at a time to save on shipping. I’m liking the white body idea. Maybe Joannes could special order for me?

I usually get my joints where ever I happen to be shopping. For example, if I’m buying kits at BB, I buy joints and zip ties, eyes…all that light weight stuff, at the same place to cut down on shipping. I’ve never seen them at Michaels.

Michaels is nothing compared to Hobby Lobby, BTW. I was visiting in Indiana last month and they took me to Hobby Lobby and I was in HEAVEN!!! I believe we were there for at least two hours. We can shop Hobby Lobby online but they don’t carry everything there that they have in the store. My cousins have promised to shop for me when something comes up that I can’t get here that is not worth having shipped from an online store. Like those 30/0 Detailers and 20/0 Spotters that Jerry’s wants $8.00 to ship.