Has anyone tried these beads?

I was hoping to find glass beads that would be smaller/less crunchy than the ones BB sells, but without having to buy 20+ pounds.
These look like a good option to me, but I wanted to see if any of you have tried them before I take the plunge.

They are very fine and will seep through stockings

BB beads are mil 3 or 20-30 sieve, those are 50-80 (higher numbers mean smaller bead)


Here is a comparison of 20-30 and 50-70


I probably should have clarified, the BB beads are fine for the body (where the stocking is), these are what I was looking into for limbs.

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They should work then. I use the smaller in the limbs. I always use plugs as well. Just in case some beads work their way past the stuffing


These are what I purchase for the body. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Glass-Bead-Mil-1-12-14-40-LBS-Reborn-Doll-Weighted-Blankets-LARGEST-BEAD/121966700895

If you are doing limbs, the ones you posted would be fine.

I like the size “1” beads also. That’s what I buy all the time.

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I bought from them 4 times and then the last time I bought from them they sent me dust. Did this happen to you? The whole batch was fine powder dust. I was so upset I never bought from them again.

Wow, that’s terrible. I would have complained. Mine are really nice, a good size.

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I’m thinking they must have been a bad mixed batch or badly sorted or however it works
I might try them again because the price is good

Actually I am sorry I was wrong, I purchased the wrong size that time I just went and checked. My apologies
I will try this one! Thank you for the information

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