Has anyone made Tony Legler?


Has anyone made him? He is adorable!
I did a search - I did find the post by @cajuncuties that mentioned the eyes being cut out - has anyone else reborned him?


What about the eyes? I don’t remember. I was just looking at the kit.


I just seen pics of him…he is beyond adorable!!! :heart:


@Blissfulbabies did or is currently working on Tony


I made him. I marketed him as boy or girl. The customer chose girl. I had no trouble with the eyes and the kit was easy to paint.




Yes…working on mine now. His eyes are fine but very difficult to get the eyes themselves to sit flush.
Legler kits are filled with gorgeous details and really come to life when you put the eyes in. I do wish she’d use a different company for molding…the vinyl itself isn’t as soft as I like.


I vaguely remember that.:laughing: Thankfully, mine doesn’t have the flaw mentioned. He is a real cutie! I’ll get to him eventually.