Has anyone made the 6" prepainted BB kits that are on sale

I want to know if you liked them, are they well done and what they look like.
They are on sale now for 9.95 so just wondering.

I received a free one when I spent a certain amount of money on bb. I had a hard time putting it together. It comes with strings threaded through and I had a hard time tightening the neck one.I ended up using a zip tie on the neck. I was not particularly fond of them. They look like a doll. That’s my opinion.

I got one free also. It is bald and it looks like it maybe just has a little blushing on it. I wondered if I can put some more paint on it and root some hair. I don’t know, I might try it.

Natalie you probably could take off the paint like a berengeur and repaint and root it?

Does anyone have pics they want to share?

I was thinking I could use it for a model for the tiny clothes I make and sell.