Has anyone heard of reborndollkits.com

Hey, I just ordered a doll kit from reborndollkits.com and then read on a forum that they just take peoples money and never send them the kits. I was just wondering if anyone has any info on this? I would very much appreciate it!

Well thank you very much at least someone has ordered from there and recieved their kit!

Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones thank you ladies! Does anyone else have anything to add?

Well her sales are very tempting and alot of people well buy into that because -hey we all want a great deal !!! I pre-ordered from her in oct of 08 in may of 09 still had not gotten any replys as to where my 3 dolls were or what was going on -then in July 09 recived an invoice demanding the balance owed on the pre-ordered dolls -but no explanation as to why they were not available back in feb as promised-NO WAY was I giveing her any MORE money -she still has my money and my dolls -I got nothing !!!Its very sad -I hear she has ripped off the sculpters BIG time -and I also know first hand that the betterbusness has a long file of complaints -including mine !!!
Best of luck -hope she goes out with some grace and makes good on your and all these other orders !!!

When did you order yours cathy? Glad to know its being delivered!

Well if you wouldnt mind Cathy let me know when you recieve it, and if you are happy with it! Thanks

Oh thanks so much Cathy! It started out as a teagan kit!

I ordered from them in May or early June. Got my things within a couple of weeks. The only hold up was my own fault with a wrong payment method. I was very pleased with the service and with the communication, although a little slow, but within reasonable limits. This time I ordered a lot of stuff. I placed my order at about 3pm on the 7th of July and my UPS tracking says my things were in Hopkiinsville? Illinois Friday night and should be here either on the 20th or 21st ( I don’t remember and am not at my home at the moment to check). I have received nothing but courteous service. I understand now from a lot of people that there were huge problems in the past with the company. But, I have had nothing but a good experience. But, I do think they should get a new shipping department or light a fire under the one they have! LOL Well, better go back to grand child supervision. They are supposed to go weed the gardens but have no desire to go out in the heat. Can’t blame them! sigh…

Oh tayla is one of my favorite kits too!

which kit did you order from there Cathy?

I ordered the kevin kit it is on sale for 16.99 right now

my other favorite was sunshine! Big baby! Well thanks so much for replying to my post ladies!

Joy, which kits did you order from them?

well im just waiting to see if i get an e-mail from ups or usps and go from there i guess

Thanks for all the posts ladies you have made me feel some better about it! Does anyone remember how long it took from the time you ordered your kit to get your tracking info?

I am so excited! My box was delivered on the 20th at 4:20 app. I was not home! My husband called and said there was a huge box from RDK…he is a tease, he knows I have been waiting on pins and needles! It was all there! and the box smelled of vinyl so much that it immediately sent me back to my childhood Christmases when I always got a new baby doll! It is kind of funny how I love the smell of new dollies and I love the smell of real newborn babies! And, I love puppy breath! I must be an olfactory oriented person! lol
I ordered a LOT from them because of the prices and because of my previous order which I also loved. I had to borrow money from our son in order to pay for this order, but we are calling it an “investment” as I have a large craft show in October and needed things to sell!!!
Please do not think I am gluttonous here…but I am just starting out and in order to have things to sell I had to buy them first! lol
my haul! lol
3 cradle hands
3 Madison kits
2 Sunshines…I love happy babies
1 Lisa
1 Matthew
1 Sandy
1 Fr. Christmas for a daughter who collects them, and now am going to be challenged!
1 Whitney… she is an odd biracial color
1 Alyssa
1 Emely
1 Fallon
and previously I had ordered 2 Micahs, 1 Seraphina, and 1 Mai.
Micah, Seraphina, Mai and Madison are really little! Especially in comparison to Sunshine! lol
Micah is the actual size of the smallest 22 weeker that was born and lived up to the time that Yamada sculpted him. Now there have been smaller babies who have lived. But, he is sure skinny! lol…the sculpt is very accurate, as is Madison’s.
I think I am going to be quite busy!
Rooting Micah’s head would take about an hour, whereas I think some of these guys may take months! LOL
I know now that there were awful ethical issues that happened in the past. I was really not aware of the depth of them thinking that gossip gets out of control most of the time. Now, knowing what I have learned from some really reputable people I still don’t know if I would have ordered or not to be honest.
All I can say is that I have better service than I have received from a lot of other people, the shipping was faster than I have had from anyone except BB…their shipping is phenomenal! It arrives I swear before I have pushed the final SEND button!
I just looked at the new kits she added and I don’t think I am going to order any of these. Besides, I don’t know if John will loan or invest any more money in me! lol These other kits don’t strike me…
Hope you all received your things… I had ordered mine on July 7th at 3:30pm and got it July 20th at 4:20…so that is 13 days. and I know for a fact that the darn box sat in Illinois for more than 3 days over the weekend.
Good luck!

Now that’s funny! About Fr. Christmas!
No, I don’t have a body for him. I didn’t realize until the kit arrived that he was only head and 1/4 arms…not RDK’s fault, my own inobservance. I don’t know what I am going to do about it all yet! First I guess will be to try and find a body pattern for him. Why should that be anydifferent than the rest of my life? lol…I am in body crisis here at the moment. I hate the ones I have and can’t quite understand what I want. anyway…
Do you have a body pattern? Or, do you have a body that you would be willing to photograph and send the photo to me? I think I can fake it if I just had a vision of what it is supposed to look like. I had even thought of just a kind of straightish bag kind of arrangement with “stick” for legs and then doing cloth boots that would be stuffed to fill the bottom 1/4 since his cloak should cover most of everything.
I do have long white angora mohair from the Navajo people that will do his hair etc very well I think It is 14 inches long and beautiful.
But he is kind of scary in just the vinyl. And in my box were all those hands from the cradle hands kit…it really looked like Halloween in there!

what craft show are you doing Joy? I also want sunshine, alyssa, and andrew!

i’m sorry about not answering questions in a more timely manner. I have had and still am having puter issues, and am on my husband’s laptop that is why the typing is awful. i apologize. i have limited where i have gone on forums etc because of the keyboard issues.

The craft show I am doing is a local one here in Chelsea. It is held in our church hall which is huge, and as I have been informed by some other people in the area it is a big show, drawing the largest crowds in the whole area. it is also the weekend of the 16th of october so it will be a great time for halloween, christmas and thanksgiving etc. keep your fingers crossed for me. i don’t do just reborns, but also vintage doll refurbishing and dressing and some play doll refurbishing and dressing. also do a lot of baby things: chritstening gown sets, baby quilts, custom machine embroidery items, and the lsit goes on…

yes, the hands really did freak me out! i thought it would have been great at halloween! i have some plans on how to use them and i really wish i had the money to buy some more and see if my ideas would sell…oh well

angie…if you would tell me how much the printing is i would love to have a copy of the body pattern! and your idea of the man in the car had me cracking up! I am not a person that has ever worried about being alone on long trips…used to drive from michigan to oregon non stop to visit my mom when she was alive and lived there. i would drive from here to lincoln nebraska and then sleep for a couple of hours in a rest stop and then keep on going. only time i stayed in motels was when I was pregnant the last time and patrick would want me to stretch out so he could play!!! lol

oops…oven has gone off…i am baking babies…don’t you know i will be for the rest of my life!


I recieved my kit yesterday and everything was what it was supposed to be except he was alot smaller than I expected! He is 19 inches long but so small!