Has anyone had this problem? Prisma pencils


Maybe try a different brand? I know there are many other brands that you could consider, much higher quality brands and some art stores sell them by the color. So you could buy one or two and see what you think before making a huge investment. Dewent and Sargent make pencils too and I know there are tons of other brands.


Things sure aren’t what they used to be


Great idea!


I also saw oil pastels which could be tested and may be a very good alternative. Just a thought.


I did try the derwent, and I liked them, but they don’t have as much of a color variety. They seemed much more sturdy though!!!


Just curious how Jerry’s shipping was different from Blicks.


Friends-- have any of you used Prismacolor Verithin pencils? They are artist grade but formulated with a harder core that’s less likely to break and retains a sharp point longer. Colored pencil artists use them for fine details and areas of light value.

Prismacolor Premier are the industry standard for CP artists because of their soft core which is easy to burnish/blend. But it’s a common frustration for them to break easily, and I know when doing hair I’m sharpening every few strokes. The brand in general has top quality pigment and the best color selection.

There are some others out there that are really good as well, some with an oil base rather than wax. I’ve used Faber Castell Polychromos (oil) for lips and nail beds and got a really nice translucent effect.

This is a nice overview of the top brands:


I wonder if those harder pencils would work. I’d assume a softer pencil would leave a mark easier.
But it’s definitely worth a shot, I go through nearly half a pencil for a sparse head. :joy:


I bought 3 prisma premiere pencils from DickBlick and 1 of the crimson ones breaks over and over. :frowning: The other one (same color) hasn’t broke yet so not sure what it will do once I need to sharpen it… and the lighter red I bought seem okay also.

(I use them on the nails and capillaries)


I feel sorry for you!!! :tired_face: It’s so annoying!


For jerrysartorama, the pencils were packed tightly in small boxes and surrounded by very firm air pillows inside another box. The package from ■■■■ blick, the pencils came loose in a padded envelope! Still had broken pencils in both packages, but seems to be less in the package from jerrysartorama.


I’ve used the prismacolor Scholar pencils which I’m assuming are similar and I adore them for art in general. Though fixing the breakage of normal prismacolor is relatively simple!